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The Master Pieces : PEACOCK

“Like a peacock, dance with an open mind and a loving heart to reveal your incredible beauty”, written by Debasish Mridha best describes the emotion embedded in “The Grace”. It is always an honour for jeweller like us to be inspired by the charm of mother nature. Taking a closer look at the sauntering of the creatures cannot help but feel amazed! …sketching the outer frame of the tiny peacock then imaging where this exquisite soul should be presented on. Coming to the intricate detail of its habitat, the curved twigs ornamented with blooming exotic floras were chosen to in included.

The setting came out tenderly and heartily, the elegant arch narrated well without any vocal. Colour palettes were carefully assigned. Head, body as well as the habitat were all taken in with range of rare and precious embellishments. Diamonds, king of gems represented the strong body of the creature. The piece was set with green tsavorite from Kenya, rubies from Myanmar and vibrant coloured multi-coloured sapphires. The 3-dimensional effect from the lustered culture pearls and shiny pinkish carving mother of pearl are second to none.

Attention to intricate detail is part of our daily routine here at Blue River, enchanting the object with magic of crafting high jewellery. We are proud to present the world our one of a kind “The Grace”.

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