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Blue River provides professional services to maintain and look after your memorable jewelry pieces.

Jewelry Care

Blue River pieces were made with love and care. The pieces were designed to suit everyday’s lifestyles. We would like to provide you with a few quick instructions on how to maintain the beauty of your jewelries. Easiest way is to wipe your jewelry clean with extra soft cloth, make sure it does not scratch gold part especially. Each gemstones require different care but as a precaution, we have summed up a few key caring guidelines as below;

  • Run the warm water onto the jewelry along with soap using soft brush and rub gently to clean the dirt from the piece.
  • Avoid using any kinds of cleaning machines like ultrasonic if you do not do regular check-up on your pieces, since they prongs can be damaged. As a result, the loosen stones can come out without your awareness.
  • Avoid exposing any chemicals or extreme heat other than normal soap and store them in the normal temperature.
  • Storing your jewelries appropriately is always forgotten. Place each piece in its own space, avoid putting them together. They can scrape one another; some gemstones can be permanently damaged because of its softness.
  • Keep in mind that jewelries are like other assets, you always need to look after them with care, visit your trusted jeweler for the regular check-up on prongs and cleaning in order to prolong the beauty of your beloved jewelries.

Jewelry Services

All Blue River jewelries came with the warranty which includes the clear image with product details. The brand guarantees the genuineness of the pieces as well as their authenticity. The professional services are offered for our customers.

You are always welcome to bring back your Blue River pieces for Blue River advisor to check and does the maintenance for your pieces. Professional cleaning and prongs checking can be conducted at the boutiques.

Plating services are part of the final process for jewelry making, it can also be applied to old pieces that need refurbishment.

Fingers size are often unique, Blue River pieces are generally made to fit US size 5.5-6.0. However, upon your purchase we can provide a complementary size adjustment to fit your right size (this subjects to the magnitude of the size).

Blue River is known for its creativity and craft. We offer complementary design service for your unique pieces. Please make appointment with one of our advisors to schedule appointment with our designer.